The current executive of the association came up with a 5-point agenda immediately after it was sworn in namely:

  • Foundation for stability and growth

  • Cooperation and collaboration with the Polytechnic Management

  • Sustainable finance

  • Visible presence on the Campus

  • People Benefits

To be able to carry out the above functions, the Executive considered and approved the formation of three standing committees as follows:

  • Finance and fund raising 

  • Social and welfare

  • Project and infrastructure


Through the committees, the following events have been carried out:


Presently the association is constructing the 1st phase of a 600-bed spaces capacity hostel accommodation to alleviate the housing challenges of the students in the Institution. The first phase, which is now at roofing stage is a 20-room designed to accommodate 80 students.
For effective and efficient communication, the alumni recently opened its website - [email protected] . Information is also being disseminated through the various WhatsApp platforms of the association.
The association considered the need to assist brilliant but indigent students in the area of their academic exercise. For now only five (5) students (one from each of the five schools) have benefitted from this particular event. The association catered for their school fees, hostel accommodation and little stipends for feeding. It is the hope of the alumni to sustain the programme but for paucity of fund
In the area of sporting activities, the alumni introduced Students Union Government/Alumni Cup yearly. Six trophies were bought to take care of 1st 2nd and 3rd positions in the Male and Female soccer competitions. Cash prices are attached in replacement of the trophy
Since year 2017, the association has taken it upon itself to organise alumni dinner on the eve of every convocation ceremony. This is to identity with the graduands before they are formally welcomed into the association by the President on the graduation day
Erection of road directional signage at strategic junctions on the campus for easy access to destinations by new comers. This is also a yearly event.
A yearly programme designed to prepare all the final year students of the institution on challenges of life after school by moulding then towards becoming sound Professionals, astute entrepreneur and business owners, dedicated civil servants, corporate executives, solution providers and leaders of tomorrow.